The Company

It saddens us no end

When we hear that there is a sizeable population still who has no access to proper and good quality sex toys, it gives us goosebumps. There is no morality issue associated with using an aid to heighten your pleasure. Why would a government who is welfare centric not want its citizens to enjoy the most basic enjoyment that God has bestowed upon every living being?

It beats us

So, we decided to do our bit. while we strategized as to what should be our modus operandi, there was one practical solution that was in front of us and that was to open an online store that particularly catered to such areas where the population was craving for a trustworthy supplier who was genuinely interested in their cause and their quest for the perfect aid to help them live their lives fully.

The site was up and running in no time

As anticipated, the website was set up and it was a huge runaway success. Within the first week itself, we had accumulated five thousand orders and mostly from all the metropolitan cities of India. Soon, the good word spread and we were getting publicity even without an ad campaign.

Our first task was to create a seamless system

The system that we had employed allowed us to make dummy invoices for the delivery dispatch that we had to make. This was an important point to discuss with the client because later on, their invoice entry would not match with their purchase. We were trying to bring about a legal solution in a country where it is not only a crime to be caught with such sex tools but also trying to fight social dogmas and the primitive thought process of the people in general that these things and the word sex itself are something that can never be uttered in public. These are the things that are spoken in hushed tones even if someone is within the precincts of their own bedroom!

We have been fairly successful. There is a long way to go!