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Here Is A Collection Of The Quirkiest Sex Toy Facts That I Have Heard Till Now

Sex is universal

There is no rocket science about having great sex. If two consenting adults want to explore their own selves and then let their bodies naturally do so, we are very sure there will be magic created.

Of course, once in a while if you need to add more zing to the magic so created, there are hundreds of grown up toys that you can take with you to bed.

The toys can give you not only the correct vibes but also excite you for a great round of flesh with your partner. It is kind of foreplay or a setting up of the stage for the big act.

If your partner does not approve

A lot of women get paranoia about the fact that their partners would not approve the sex toys in bed or they would not be comfortable. This is the general perception. But a sample study conducted recently had shown that almost 75 percent of men do not mind having their partners use the toy in bed and in fact they also feel that the pleasure that they can give them is heightened if the woman brings her toy with her.

The best sex aid?

If you were to ask anybody on what is the best aid, pat comes the answer-lube!

Yes, my dear friends, it is not the dildo or the vibrator but the humble tube of lube that is capable of giving you the best moments whether you the stronger one or the fairer one.

Lube tops the chart for being the most favorite of all sex aids and it has so many uses. It can aid frictionless intercourse especially for people who have pain when they have sex. It can also give a smooth feeling to the P once it is inside the woman and give her lovely and frictional thrusts at her clitoris or sweet love spots.Lube is incidentally also very good for body massages and it can get the couple also ready for the act if they can give other some sensual rub before they get into the act itself.

Do you know that sex toys used to be a taboo in the developed nations of the world? Times have changed so much that nowadays no one gapes when they claim that they use a sex toy in their private rooms. But things were different even a few decades ago.

It was in the mid-1990s that a famous sitcom called the Sex and the city was being aired and it brought mixed emotions out in people. There were people who were watching it religiously and through it had come to know about the ubiquitous rabbit.

Rabbit? Really!

The rabbit is a vibrator that is shaped like the cute bunny because in Japan, apparently, it was illegal to manufacture and sell these sex toys.

The vibrator’s history

The history of the vibrator that you know see humbly sitting in neatly packaged cases even in the pharmacies that you frequent was actually a medical tool that was used to treat hysteria or extreme anxiety among women. The first vibrator weighed 50 pounds and they had to operate using two other assistants.

In the 1950s, doctors believed that anxiety or hysteria among women could be cured if they were given massage in their genitals up to the time that they climax.

Thus the doctors use to dab their hands with lubricating oil like a vegetable oil and insert their fingers into her vagina in order to give her treatment. With the invention of the bulky vibrator, his job was to give her vibrations down there so that she would have an orgasm and her hysteria was cured!

The treatment worked apparently!

Five years hence the doctor and his team had made personal massagers that could be yielded by the lady himself if she felt like an attack. Soon, the apparatus started gaining notoriety as an adult toy and started being patented and manufactured by various people.

One in two women uses vibrators

The number of people who use Adult Products India is quite big. 55 percent of women world over have used some or the other kind of sex toy. There is a high likelihood that most of the men and women in the college have used either one of the sex toys on themselves or their partners.

There is nothing wrong in it

While there is nothing really wrong in using sexual aids in the form of sex toys to bed with you for craving a little more pleasure, a lot of countries in Asia like India; in Africa like Ghana do not allow for selling of these products and there is a ban on the manufacture import and selling of such products. However, there are online stores that cater to their population and make sure that the toy they desire reaches them in discreet courier services.